The Impossible Quiz Answers

    You want to know how intelligent you are? You want to try thinking in another way, different from what you have done? Let’s come with The impossible quiz!

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    The impossible quiz is an IQ – test game that is suitable for players who like IQ game. It is a game with cute design and many “strange” questions.

    There are many questions in the game, most of the questions are multiple – choice questions. However, most of the questions are tricks. Sometimes when the game says that your answer is wrong, you may think that “What the hell? It’s true”. Sometimes you may blow your roof when the game ends. Or sometimes, you don’t know which answer is true, you select an answer randomly. Luckily, it’s right, which can surprise you so much.
Let’s try a bit with some interesting question


    And now, what is your answer?

   Not only multiple – choice questions, there are some other kinds of questions. I’m sure that you will be surprised when you see those kinds of questions, they are amazing. There are some kinds of questions that you have ever never seen before. When you see them, you may be a little diffident.


    Sometimes, you have to face with the questions written by a strange language that you have never seen. At that time, the only way is to depend on your luck.

    If you can’t answer the question no matter how many times you tried, you can skip that question and you can go to the nest question without answer that question. However, the number of the skip-ticket is limited. Meanwhile, it will increase when you go to the high questions, but not so many. The maximum number of ticket that you can have is seven. However, if you skip a quiz, you still don’t know what the answer is because the game won’t show you the answer if you skip that quiz. So, try your best to find the answer. In this game, no matter what the questions are, the answers are always amazing.

    So, are you ready to test your IQ now? Let’s try to see how intelligent you are and how the way you think is different from the game’s developers think.

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