Careers education and guidance

A lot of people allow the current of life to pull them in this direction and that, just kind of going with the flow (so to speak) but then remain surprised every step of the way when they end up in places that they never expected or anticipated they would – especially when it comes to their education and their career.

On the flipside, of course, some choose to take complete and total control and ownership over their education and their career. These individuals seek out guidance for help at every stage, weigh the different options they have, and then pursue the path that they have chosen with intelligent goals while measuring the progress that they make every step of the way. There are companies that offer CEAG ( careers education and guidance ).

Here is a bit of guidance to help you take better ownership over your educational and career paths!

First identify your career options

It is incredibly challenging to choose in educational path to lay the foundation for a career without first understanding which career you are interested in moving towards and what you have to do to get where you are trying to go.

For example, it would not be wise to go to a liberal arts college if you are interested in becoming a medical professional. That pathway is restricted, and you have to weigh your options and choose an educational path that makes sense for the opportunity you are interested in.

Prioritize your skills, educational opportunities, and training options

Regardless of the career path that you inevitably select, you’ll want to sort through all of the different options you have available to you as far as skill and educational training opportunities are concerned.

Different paths will produce different results (as well as different timelines) and you want to make sure that you are moving towards your ultimate goal as intelligently as you can. This is only possible when you prioritize your path and then begin to move towards your end goal.

Set SMART goals

SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timed) goals are much more effective than the often all too fuzzy goals that the overwhelming majority of people make when they set out to accomplish something.

SMART goals really pour your pathway to your education and your career in concrete, keep you headed in the right direction, and allow you to measure your progress as you move forward. These kinds of goals also help to keep you motivated when times get tough, as they inevitably will.

All of the SMART goals in the world won’t make a big difference if you do not measure your progress as you move towards your goals, tracking to see how you are doing, what you could do better, and how close you are to achieving what it was you initially set out to do.

Your educational path as well as your career path is going to wind this way and that, representing anything but a straight arrow from one point to another. You’re going to have to course correct along the way, scrap goals and create new ones, all in an effort to continue on towards fulfilling the goals you have established for yourself.