Several American students tend to study other foreign languages when in college. Though other students studying in Europe can satisfactorily speak other languages as a result of the diverse nature of their culture around the continent. Whereas those in America can speak only English as they are not open to other languages. The students in the United States do not have the chance to study foreign languages until they get into university.

Below are 5 popular dialects students in America choose to study. If you want to study any of the languages, you should read online reviews about language schools on US-Reviews to know the right language school that has the best curriculum and affordable prices that will make it easy to learn the language within a short while.

German language

English and German languages are both West German dialects, so those students that speak English and still like to learn the German language find it less difficult than the Italian or French language which is Romance like in a way. About 5.5% of these students in America learn this German language in college and it is one of the popular languages adopted in that area of which the first in English.

Three of the major powers of the economics of Europe (Switzerland, Austria, and Germany) have their official language as German and as such makes the German language a very crucial language when business is involved.

French language

The students see languages like the French language as a language that is made up of beauty and romance, as well as others around the globe. Awesome class and culture know the French language associated with it. Because there are relatively few groups enclosed within specific houses in the United States, living in Paris and studying the language remains a priority for the students in America.

Italian language

Several groups of Italians exist within and around the United States, from Boston in the North End to San Francisco in the North Beach. The culture of the Italians most especially the Italian-Americans is inter-woven into the fabric of American life daily. Like the language French, the Italian language is also seen as a language of romance, and the country Italy is still seen and loved as a regular and commonplace for those who travel a lot. Also, a lot of Americans descended from immigrants of Italy and as such remains one of the many reasons why the American students opt to learn this language.

Spanish language

The United States border in the southern region is known as Mexico City and it is not astonishing that a lot of United states students in college tend to pick the Spanish language to study. Those who speak Spanish are widely dispersed around the globe although differences in regions, as well as languages, are prevalent, knowing how to communicate using them can assist those who move from Mexico to Spain and also to Argentina.

The sign language of America

Surprisingly, one of the popular languages studied by American students is not one they speak at all. About 7% of these students prefer to learn the sign language of America. This sign language is needed and sort after in places where deaf people reside such as Canada, Central Africa, the United States, West Africa, and parts of Southern Asia. This sign language is very important for those people who cannot speak or hear or for those employees working with people who have hearing and speaking defects.