The mentality of every entrepreneur, or every intending entrepreneur  should be, “spend money to earn money”.

If your head is in the game of being your own boss, not taking orders from others you should possess the traits that would be discussed in this article if you want to turn out successful. You should also be ready to receive harsh feedback from others on places like .

These traits that will be discussed are doubly important when dealing with investment companies.

The Traits

1. Every Successful Entrepreneur Should Have a Clear Vision

Without a doubt, every entrepreneur or intending entrepreneur who plans on being successful someday should have a clear vision for their business. A vision defines the what, why and who the business is catering for. A vision keeps in the view the values which the business was built on even when the going gets tough and rough.

2. Every  Entrepreneur Should be Passionate About Their Business

There will be days when you are neither motivated or inspired about your business. Your only resort will be discipline. Discipline is born from passion. Passion on the other hand refers to unusual love for something to the point of obsession. It is passion that ensures that you remain interested in something even when  physically tired. Passion for your business is a trait every entrepreneur should have.

3. Every Entrepreneur Should Be Tenacious

There are times when the roof comes caving in,  challenges weighing down on you and your business. Entrepreneurship is synonymous with challenges, and you need to  have a tough skin to withstand the pressure of these challenges. Tenacity is the trait that ensures that an entrepreneur is able to remain tough and focused even when under intense pressure in the face of difficulty.

4. Every Entrepreneur Should Know How To Network Effectively

Another important trait every entrepreneur must have is the reputation of being able to create strategic relationships. These relationships they later leverage to formidable business partners. What differentiates a successful entrepreneur from an unsuccessful one is their ability to talk about themselves in a room, in the most simplest and interesting of ways. This is basic networking. Every entrepreneur should learn to network effectively and seamlessly. It may be hard but can be learnt.

5. Every Entrepreneur Should Be An Expert Sales Person

Entrepreneurship is called entrepreneurship for a reason: it brings in money. If it didn’t, people wouldn’t consider it. For a business to survive, sales must be made or the business dies a natural death. The duty of a salesperson is to convince people to buy their products or employ their services. A sales person presents value to their prospects in an interesting and fun way. Without sales there would be no entrepreneurship.

Finally, there is always emphasis on what a person needs to succeed as an entrepreneur. How about the traits that kill entrepreneurial spirit? There are many more traits but these are foundational.