Tips for young people who don’t know what career to choose

Most people in their twenties get confused about what career to go for; they are open to new ideas and opportunities, have a variety of skills and talents and a high dose of energy. As such, they find it difficult to choose and settle down for one out of the many available options. Here is a guide to help young people who have yet to make a career choice:

Make an inventory of all you can do

One of the first things to do is to make an inventory of your skills and talents. Remember that talents and skills are not necessarily the same; being skilled means you have mastered whatever you are doing and cannot make mistakes any longer while being talented means that you are good at something but you are yet to master it. Listing out all you can do will give you a clearer mind to make the right choice. After listing, the next step is to identify what makes you fulfilled on the list. You have to know that what gives you fulfilment may not be the skill that pays you the most. In some cases, what you love doing most can pay you the highest income. If you fall into the former category, you do need to dump your passion for money. You can pursue your passion while working at a job that pays you the most. You can decide to pursue some of the things on your inventory through online education courses. … Read More