How technology has influenced recruitment processes for job seekers and hiring managers

Technology has had a tremendous effect (both negative and positive) on the way we go about our daily activities. Its influence on business and the way we carry out transactions cannot be denied, as they are evident in the wide range of business software available today. With software like Jobber, managers can oversee their business processes from the comfort of their homes. Another very important aspect of a business, which is the recruitment process, has also been widely influenced by digital technology. The old traditional way of seeking employment and recruiting new employees is being overtaken, with job seekers and hiring managers tilting towards the direction paved by technological. With technological advancements, job seekers can easily seek employment and make themselves available to hiring managers across several platforms and companies.

Online Job Recruitment Platforms

Getting a job these days doesn’t necessarily need you to read every newspaper or magazine, nor does it involve physically moving from one company to another. With the advancement in technology, a lot of platforms have emerged, which has made the recruitment process quite easy. There exist several online job agencies where job seekers can engage to get an update on the latest recruitment. However, one has to exercise tact when dealing with some of these agencies, to avoid being duped. Engaging these online platforms are not only common among job seekers, as several hiring managers also utilize them. These help them to narrow the recruitment process to selected recruits, due to the prior interview … Read More

Choosing the Best Human Resources Executive Search

Being a part of a particular company means investing a huge part of your free time, effort and will in order to make it a better place for everyone around. But even more, the whole group as a team will work on the tasks and bring you a better success for the whole company, which will boost the expectation to the maximum and make you a great option for the surroundings. It means that doing such thing will provide you a lot of positive outcome and with it, you will be better in time, and bring greater product or service to the clients.

In the following writings we are going to provide you a guide that will be useful for you when choosing the team that will be in charge for the human resources department. And for more on the management, please click on This is in a fact important for you if you’ve experienced some difficulties when choosing for the best option, since sometimes, the reach won’t be as expected, and also, you might not be able to step above the people’s CVs and make sure that they will be skilled enough to maintain the duty when it is a matter of showing the skill in the real life and making the things work out as a final product or a well-developed service.

Can you manage the team on your own?

But if besides this you are willing to improve the management on your own, you should … Read More

Preparing for an offshore life

If you are a person that is prepared to enjoy when experiencing new challenges, you are supposed to be seeking new challenges and be ready to take a more adventurous experience that will provide you enough adrenaline. Working on a regular job that requires working for eight hours per day won’t provide you enough challenges and adventure, so with that, you are supposed to seek for something that will bring you more pleasure and satisfaction.

If this description matches your personality type, in this article we will provide you more information about working offshore. And if you are new in this field and this sounded like a big challenge for you, you can seek for more information over working on an offshore oil rig in order to make certain that you are familiar with each aspect and know if your educational background will match the employee’s preferences. Reading the article available on this link will help you a lot and once you are done you can move towards seeking for more.

To begin with, you must know that working on an offshore oil rig is quite a challenge. First of all, you will be supposed to go away from your home and your loved ones, meaning that you will be in need to leave your family behind and seek for adventure and of course, bigger payments. Of course, you are going to have free weekends and free days per week, but this isn’t the same as getting home after work, … Read More