Important to Build Passion in Work and Study

Some of you may be unfamiliar with the word passion . It could be that you often watch it on television, newspapers, magazines, when your teacher or lecturer explains lessons or courses.

For those of you who have worked, of course you have seen it during a job interview where the interviewer usually wants to ask this kind of question. But actually, what is the method of creating passion and questions arise?

“Where is your passion?”

What is Passion

Yep, passion is something we like when we do it. A job that we really like, of course we want to do it happily, sincerely and away from stress, right? Just imagine if we do something forced, of course we will feel stressed, not happy and not excited.

Especially if the work is a regular job that we live every day from morning to evening. That’s why these problems generally arise during job interviews.

On the other hand, for those of you who are still students or college students, try to imagine when you want to explore subjects or subjects that you don’t like.

Just to look at the lecturer or teacher, there has been a feeling of laziness first.

Work that is tried with passion, of course, the results will be much better than not tried with passion. Have a passion for increasing endurance at work or doing something.

The energy released is so strong that the results of his work are also extraordinary. On the other hand, people who … Read More

6 Important Things You Should Bring to a Job Interview

Job hunting these days is no small job on its own. That’s why getting a nod to come for an interview can cause you so much excitement.

But mind you, anxiety can quickly follow when it all sinks in. And you are left worried thinking of how to appear and what the interview would be all about. There is something else that can add to your migraine- what to take along.

But don’t press the panic button just yet. You can look to Collected.Reviews for information, opinions about companies, and the rudiments of job interviews. And also, if you’re thinking of what to wear, buying online isn’t a bad idea.

 We thought about how vital it is to take everything important along with you, and decided to bring you 6 important things you should bring to a job interview. We have outlined them below.

1. Bring You

This sounds absurd, right? Perhaps. But we mean it. Don’t forget you back on your couch, or bed, or behind the door when you walk into that establishment for the interview.

What we are trying to say here is that you should be confident. Leave behind all the anxieties. Let your mindset be on the bright side. You would be surprised how well you end up giving a good account of yourself in the end.

2. Writing Materials

Depending on the kind of job you are applying for, some job interviews may require you to take an aptitude test. Aside from that, … Read More

How technology has influenced recruitment processes for job seekers and hiring managers

Technology has had a tremendous effect (both negative and positive) on the way we go about our daily activities. Its influence on business and the way we carry out transactions cannot be denied, as they are evident in the wide range of business software available today. With software like Jobber, managers can oversee their business processes from the comfort of their homes. Another very important aspect of a business, which is the recruitment process, has also been widely influenced by digital technology. The old traditional way of seeking employment and recruiting new employees is being overtaken, with job seekers and hiring managers tilting towards the direction paved by technological. With technological advancements, job seekers can easily seek employment and make themselves available to hiring managers across several platforms and companies.

Online Job Recruitment Platforms

Getting a job these days doesn’t necessarily need you to read every newspaper or magazine, nor does it involve physically moving from one company to another. With the advancement in technology, a lot of platforms have emerged, which has made the recruitment process quite easy. There exist several online job agencies where job seekers can engage to get an update on the latest recruitment. However, one has to exercise tact when dealing with some of these agencies, to avoid being duped. Engaging these online platforms are not only common among job seekers, as several hiring managers also utilize them. These help them to narrow the recruitment process to selected recruits, due to the prior interview … Read More