Getting the right career path and one that fulfills you and suits your strengths can be quite tricky especially if you don’t know where to start. Finding the right job or industry can be narrowed down into the following steps.

What capabilities do I have?

It is not enough to look at what you wanted to do when growing up. Your ability to undertake that task is equally important. If you’re in a position to, take the necessary classes or seminars to get the skills you need to get into the place to do what you’ve always wanted. If you’re not in a position to, select the industry of choice and apply for jobs that require the skills that you have. Aim to have an aspect that makes you stand out from your competition. Whatever it is, highlight it when applying for jobs or during interviews.

What fulfills you?

Something you enjoy doing is more likely to get you out of bed than something you dislike. Another way to look at this critical point is that you’ll spend most of your life working- it is therefore essential that you find something to do that makes you happy.

When looking into a career that makes you tick, do not look at job titles but general aspects that you’d like to undertake. It should consider what appeals to you and how your personality can sustain it. Do you find health and wellness an exciting topic and by nature you’re a caring person?  The two should help you piece together the direction you should look into. There are many tests you can take that could have you looking into a Toronto massage career or as a human resource employee.

Do your research and plan

Don’t be afraid to start at the bottom as long as it gets you into space you desire. You can also talk to people or read the experiences of people already in the industry to help you understand and further narrow down your priorities.

Once you have an idea as to the possible avenues, set a target as to when you’ll apply for jobs and how many per week. This intentional job seeking, despite the response rate, will ensure that you make the most of the opportunities available. In the age of social media, finding someone or people who can point you in the right direction is not impossible.

Keep at it

If your plan does not yield results, do not give up. Instead, repeat the previous step and keep at it. As you do so, continue to hone your craft, whether by undertaking personal projects, volunteering or taking professional classes.