Technology has had a tremendous effect (both negative and positive) on the way we go about our daily activities. Its influence on business and the way we carry out transactions cannot be denied, as they are evident in the wide range of business software available today. With software like Jobber, managers can oversee their business processes from the comfort of their homes. Another very important aspect of a business, which is the recruitment process, has also been widely influenced by digital technology. The old traditional way of seeking employment and recruiting new employees is being overtaken, with job seekers and hiring managers tilting towards the direction paved by technological. With technological advancements, job seekers can easily seek employment and make themselves available to hiring managers across several platforms and companies.

Online Job Recruitment Platforms

Getting a job these days doesn’t necessarily need you to read every newspaper or magazine, nor does it involve physically moving from one company to another. With the advancement in technology, a lot of platforms have emerged, which has made the recruitment process quite easy. There exist several online job agencies where job seekers can engage to get an update on the latest recruitment. However, one has to exercise tact when dealing with some of these agencies, to avoid being duped. Engaging these online platforms are not only common among job seekers, as several hiring managers also utilize them. These help them to narrow the recruitment process to selected recruits, due to the prior interview conducted by most agencies. With such software as Jobscan, you can also predict your chances of getting a job offer before the interview.

Job Reviews

In years past, it seemed difficult to get tips on the company you are applying for before having a physical interview. However, technology has made it possible, with the emergence of varieties of job reviews site. This has made it possible for job seekers to know important details of the company such as salary scale, working hours, acceptance of employee’s feedback, availability of leave, and more. The importance of knowing this is that it will help job seekers determine if the working environment will be suitable for them and prepare them for negotiations and questions during the interview session.


LinkedIn is one of the most used professional social media platforms available today. With a good networking and solid profile, you can increase your chances of being employable using LinkedIn. This platform has played a lot of roles and changed the ways people seek jobs and recruiters hire employees. Job seekers can easily build a strong profile, showcasing their skills and resume to attract hiring managers even directly to their inbox. Hiring managers can easily select a job seeker with a profile and resume that best suits a particular work niche.

Technology Help Simplify Hiring Steps

In a society where there is a high unemployment rate, the process of recruiting employees could be quite stressful. Imagine screening about a thousand job seekers for an opportunity that can only accommodate 10 job seekers, which is highly pathetic. However, with the help of technology, these screening processes can be made simplified and faster, helping the organization to divert that time to other productive activities. Hiring managers can also utilize software that will help determine those job seekers that are most qualified for a job.