Some of you may be unfamiliar with the word passion . It could be that you often watch it on television, newspapers, magazines, when your teacher or lecturer explains lessons or courses.

For those of you who have worked, of course you have seen it during a job interview where the interviewer usually wants to ask this kind of question. But actually, what is the method of creating passion and questions arise?

“Where is your passion?”

What is Passion

Yep, passion is something we like when we do it. A job that we really like, of course we want to do it happily, sincerely and away from stress, right? Just imagine if we do something forced, of course we will feel stressed, not happy and not excited.

Especially if the work is a regular job that we live every day from morning to evening. That’s why these problems generally arise during job interviews.

On the other hand, for those of you who are still students or college students, try to imagine when you want to explore subjects or subjects that you don’t like.

Just to look at the lecturer or teacher, there has been a feeling of laziness first.

Work that is tried with passion, of course, the results will be much better than not tried with passion. Have a passion for increasing endurance at work or doing something.

The energy released is so strong that the results of his work are also extraordinary. On the other hand, people who do something that is not tried with passion, he wants to do it because of the obligations that oblige him to do it.

The results of his work are also nothing extraordinary and spectacular. Working with passion, pursuing a career with passion and bonding with passion will definitely make the results last for a long time.

To create passion, many young people are still having trouble, this is because creating passion from within is like looking for a calling from the heart. Here are some tips that might help:

1. Do something you like

Do things that make you feel valued, and believe that the work you do will make other people’s lives better.

Your heart’s calling often comes from difficult experiences or circumstances. Often to achieve what we aspire to it must go through a process that is not easy.

2. Find Out Talent

It is not easy to recognize the talent that lies within. Not many people are able to recognize true talent.

Finding talent can be started by trying new things or hobbies you like, exploring communities and meeting new people.

3. Contemplating Current Work

Reflecting on the work that is currently being carried out may be an assessment of whether the current activity is indeed in accordance with what you enjoy.

Many people feel that the work they are currently doing is not in line with the passion they have.

4. A lot of work on new things

By trying new things it will be very possible for you to create the talent you have. Always try new things so that later you will create activities or jobs that make you feel happy.

Starting from the closest people who do not support, ridiculed by others and so on, which can make us give up in the middle of the path. But after we go through this process rest assured that we want to get that passion.

The call of the heart is not obliged to come from the great reward that we are about to receive. Don’t think about money. Do it willingly, especially if we must be sincere and must sacrifice.

  • Establishing a Business From Passion
  • Compass shoes are an example of a product that is produced from the passion of the people who take part in it.
  • From young artists or designers, craftsmen, employees to buyers, all have the same passion.
  • This is why Compass shoes were created from passion and create a connectivity where everyone participates in it.

As explained above, if something is done with passion, the results will be extraordinary, therefore the quality of the shoes it produces does not need to be doubted.

Such a short guide to help you create passion. The point is to be sure that the activities you do can make your days bright again or at least can make you smile through them. Identify the results of your passion activity whether it is useful for yourself, others and close areas.