jobCreate an account to get began — develop your profile, develop or upload resumes and apply for jobs. BLS is making use of two approaches to measuring green jobs: (1) the output method, which identifies establishments that create green goods and solutions and counts the related jobs, and (two) the procedure strategy, which identifies establishments that use environmentally friendly production processes and practices and counts the related jobs.

Utilizing these standard classifications will allow comparison of green jobs data with existing measures of employment and wages that are primarily based on NAICS or SOC, as effectively as meet Office of Management and Spending budget statistical requirements.

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BLS may decide to tabulate information from the green goods and solutions survey according to these categories, recognizing that such a tabulation would sum to higher than the total quantity of green jobs identified, and needs clear explanation to information customers.

To implement the output approach, BLS will gather data on jobs associated with creating green goods and solutions by means of a mail survey of a sample of establishments identified as potentially generating such items and solutions based on their NAICS classification.