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These standards also aid BLS clearly communicate to respondents which goods and solutions they create should be reported on the survey, and to communicate to information customers what items and solutions are represented in the resulting information on associated jobs.

To implement the output strategy, BLS will gather data on jobs connected with producing green goods and services through a mail survey of a sample of establishments identified as potentially producing such items and services based on their NAICS classification.

BLS is using two approaches to measuring green jobs: (1) the output method, which identifies establishments that create green goods and services and counts the associated jobs, and (2) the method approach, which identifies establishments that use environmentally friendly production processes and practices and counts the associated jobs.

Federal Register Notice, October 20, 2010 ( PDF ). BLS published a Notice concerning Workplace of Management and Spending budget (OMB) review and clearance for the Occupational Employment Statistics system to initiate a study project to develop a paper type and a net-based collection instrument to collect green jobs information related to environmentally friendly technologies and processes used by U.S. organizations.